early July inclusivity meeting! a letter from Justin:

Greetings all, leading up to the next Queer Campout, I’d like to call a conversation to figure out how we can better open the space for a broader spectrum of our queer and trans community. I have adored Queer campout. I’ve also found it to be extremely white and inaccessible for some of our siblings. I’m already in contact with a few folx and would like to hold a gathering in early July to discuss how we make the August Queer Campout more safe, welcoming and accessible for our larger community (QTBIPOC, non-English speakers, people with fewer economic means, those without camping supplies or transportation, people with differing abilities, elders & folx with kids, introverts, etc etc).

This discussion will center those folks who have not felt welcome or able to participate in Queer Campout.

If you’d like to participate in this discussion, please send me a personal message or an email at remerthaj@gmail.com including the best way to reach you, and general availability during the first week of July, and I’ll set up a doodle poll accordingly to determine the best place and time for us to meet. Or just send your thoughts if you’d rather not be in a group convo. Thank you!!

Disclaimer: I realize that as a white, US citizen, native English speaker, able-bodied, financially stable person who often presents more masculine, I hold a lot of privilege. I also want to push back against the notion that folx who are more marginalized in our society are responsible for teaching us (who have so much privilege) how to make spaces more welcoming (though when we are gifted this knowledge, it is a huge gift). In that spirit, I share this invitation to the conversation. If such a conversation is not your jam and you’d rather share comments for us to consider by email, I’m super happy to receive and share those. Also, if what you’d prefer to see (or what your friends would rather) is that we invest energy into some additional fundraising for a separate event that may be QTPOC Campout or Queer Campout for Deaf folx or Spanish speakers or whatever, I’m personally behind that. Basically, wanna figure out how to make what I’ve found to be a valuable experience something that embodies that for everyone who shows up.

Link to the doodle poll: https://doodle.com/poll/gef7igxht4q6g2qv

Saludos compas, antes de la próxima Queer Campout, me gustaría pedir una conversación para descubrir cómo podemos abrir mejor el espacio para un grupo más amplio de nuestra comunidad queer y trans. Me encanta el campamento queer. También he encontrado que es extremadamente blanco e inaccesible para algunxs hermanxs. Ya estoy en contacto con algunas personas y me gustaría organizar una reunión a los principios de julio para hablar sobre cómo hacer que el Queer Campout en agosto sea más seguro, hospitalario y accesible para nuestra comunidad más grande (QTBIPOC/personas de color, personas que no hablan inglés, personas con menos medios económicos, aquellos sin artículos para acampar o transporte, personas con capacidades diferentes, mayores de edad y personas con niñxs, introvertidxs, etc., etc.). Si desea participar en esta discusión, envíeme un mensaje personal o un correo electrónico a remerthaj@gmail.com que incluya la mejor manera de comunicarse contigo y tu disponibilidad general durante la primera semana de julio–o tus comentarios si no quieres estar en grupo grande. Mandaré una encuesta para determinar el mejor lugar y hora para que nos reunamos. Gracias!!

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