Teams & Roles

Systems & Logistics Team

The Systems & Logistics Team manages the registration process, communications, and the physical aspects of the campout, such as reserving the campground, keeping track of equipment, collecting trash, managing the community campfire, and ensuring the campground is clean at the end of the event. Also handles the safety of campout participants, to the extent possible. The team consists of:

  • Medic / First Aid
  • On-Site Resources
  • Disability Advisory & Resource Team (DART)

Medic – First aid services and provisions

Helps prevent injuries and administer appropriate emergency care within their own training and capacity. Ensures that the first aid equipment is complete, up to date, is brought to the campout, and is returned for storage. This role is best suited for someone who:

  • is a certified first responder, EMT, RN, doctor, or
  • has basic first aid knowledge, like CPR, setting a splint, stopping bleeding

On-Site Resources

  • Manages campout equipment and supplies
  • Manages trash and recyclable items
  • Manages shared food & beverage storage
  • Manages the community campfire
  • Ensures the campground is clean at the end of the event

Support Roles:

  • Busy Bee: Folks who arrive early on Friday to get the campground ready for the weekend. A perk of this position is that you get first dibs on campsites!
  • Trash Panda: Ensures that all garbage is appropriately disposed of or stored away at the end of each day. Packages and stores recyclable items so they can be brought back to the city to be disposed of. 
  • Squirrel: Safely stores the shared food and beverages left in the Community Pavilion at the end of each day, and puts them out the next morning. 
  • Beaver: Ensures the firewood donated by campers is placed near the community campfire. If needed, collects additional firewood (if allowed by the campground).
  • Glowbug: Turns lights on at sunset and off in the morning. Places solar lights in the sun to recharge.
  • Firefly: Starts and tends to the community campfire.
  • Fire Ant: Puts out the community campfire at the night’s end. 
  • Pack Rat: Folks who stay till Monday morning and help us pack the supplies and equipment.

On-Site Resources volunteers are only needed during the campout. One volunteer can take on more than one more role (e.g., someone could be both a Trash Panda and a Squirrel). Slots vary between 1 to 3 hours long.

Disability Advisory & Resource Team (DART)

  • Ensures campers with accessibility needs have the support they need to participate in and enjoy campout activities
  • Coordinates the assignment of campsites close to accessible parking and/or restrooms
Support Roles:

Gopher: Helps campers with loading/unloading gear from their vehicles, and/or with setting up their campsite. Gophers are only needed during the campout. Slots are 1.5 hours long.

Heart & Soul Team

The Heart & Soul Team is in charge of creating an atmosphere that feels welcoming, inclusive, and fun. They make sure folks feel welcome from the moment they arrive, and like someone is there to support them throughout the weekend. The team consists of:

  • Camp Greeter
  • Answer Keeper
  • Activity Coordinator
  • Care Bear

Camp Greeter

Welcomes and checks in campers as they arrive; collects cash donations; ensures campers have all the information they need to find their campsite; connects campers with access needs to the DART Crew Leader.

Answer Keeper

Serves as a communication hub for campers and directs them to community resources when questions arise. Volunteers are provided training.

Activity Coordinator

Organizes campout activities and supports campers who want to organize an activity.

Care Bear

The Care Bears are a team of folks prepared to support with de-escalation, conflict resolution, and community accountability. Volunteers are provided training.

Organizing Team

The Organizing Team makes the campout event happen. They collaboratively plan and organize an exciting and safe campout event. 

While being on the Organizing Team can be demanding, it is very rewarding as you get to work with a team of amazing humans to create a truly special community event.

Members of the Organizing Team may also take on the role of Crew Leader for one of the areas under the Systems & Logistics Team or the Heart & Soul Team. This responsibility can be shared by more than one person (co-leads).