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Scent-Free Camping Area

Queer Campout aims to be as scent- and chemical-free as possible. This includes but is not limited to personal care products, smoke, bug spray, and cleaning products.

In addition to asking all campers to help make QCO more accessible by avoiding use of scented or chemical products near or in communal areas and wearing a sticker or lanyard to indicate any scents they’re wearing, we have a specific part of the campground designed as the Scent-Free Camping Area. In this camping area, scents are not allowed at all.

Why Scent-Free?

Many people have scent and chemical sensitivities. Each person’s sensitivity is different; reactions can range from slight irritation to full anaphylaxis. Inclusivity and accessibility are guiding values of QCO, and we believe that helping ensure the safety and well-being of all campers is a communal responsibility.

Learn more about how QCO is scent-conscious and other Accessibility Information.

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