Things to Bring

NM recreation areas, especially mountains, can be hot during the day and much colder at night, so bring layers. Wear whatever you are most comfortable in during the day and you’ll need a warm jacket and pants for nights and mornings. If possible, use unscented products so they don’t attract animals or bugs. We recommend the following equipment and clothing.

  • CLOTHING – In addition to enough clothes for the number of days you are camping, we recommend brining the following:
  • warm coat, sweater or pullover
  • warm pant option
  • rain coat or poncho
  • warm hat/ stocking cap
  • hiking socks
  • weather-appropriate shoes
  • sun hat/ cap / sunglasses
  • bandana
  • any costume items you’d like to wear or share
  • personal toiletries (unscented & small containers)
  • sunscreen and sunglasses
  • small basic first aid kit/items (band aids, antihistamine and aspirin if needed, antiseptic wipes…)
  • towlettes or bath wipes for cleaning up
  • lip balm
  • personal medications as needed
  • headlamp/small flashlight (with extra batteries), a phone charger if you’ll use your phone flashlight
  • CAMPING EQUIPMENT: If you have your own equipment, we would recommend that you bring it, since it’s always nice to work with gear that you know. If you don’t have some of the items below, some folks do have some gear available to lend on a first come, first served basis. Check out the forum page to borrow or lend gear!
  • tent/shelter with rainfly
  • sleeping bag or blankets
  • sleeping pad, cot or other soft layer
  • ground sheet (optional: for sleeping outside your tent or using below your tent)
  • FOOD and WATER:
  • MINIMUM 1 gallon of water per person per day. The site does not have any drinking water! If you are able to bring extra water for community use, that’s super-helpful! Especially for helping put out the campfires at night.
  • enough food for the number of days you are attending
  • snacks
  • cooking gear: camp stove, matches, utensils, plates, a cup, anything you need to prepare the food you are bringing

Places to acquire some inexpensive gear: • Walmart • UNM students, staff & faculty can borrow or rent gear inexpensively at the Outdoor Recreation office in Johnson Center

Check out the gear-sharing thread on the Forum page!