Logistics Team

The Logistics Team manages the physical aspects of the campout, such as safety, equipment & supplies, trash collection, the community campfire, accessibility, and ensuring the campground is clean at the end of the event.

Campground Liaison

Communicates and engages with the Campground Host and Park Rangers, when necessary.

Disability & Access Resource Team (DART)

Facilitates strategies and resources campers with disabilities or other access needs have the support they need to participate in and enjoy campout activities.


  • Team Leader
  • Crew Coordinator
  • Helpers

Health & Safety 

Ensures high standards of health and safety for all campers. 


  • Safety Coordinator
  • Medical Crew
    • Team Leader
    • Onsite Medic
    • Hike Safety

Onsite Resources

Organizes, allocates, and manages resources like equipment and supplies, and takes care of the campground, ensuring it is kept clean and safe for all campers. 


  • Team Leader
  • Equipment & Supplies Crew
    • Crew Coordinator
    • Lost and Found Unicorn – Collects lost & forgotten items and places them in the Lost & Found box; coordinates the return of items to their respective owners post-campout
    • Pack Rat – Helps pack up & load equipment & supplies (at camp closure on Monday morning)
  • Camp Setup & Teardown Crew
    • Crew Coordinator
    • Busy Bee – Arrives early on Friday to get the campground ready for the weekend
    • Sweeper – Performs a final clean sweep of the campground, picking up any trash or items left behind (at camp closure on Monday morning)
  • Camp Upkeep Crew
    • Crew Coordinator
    • Trash Panda – Ensures that all garbage is appropriately disposed of or stored away at the end of each day; packages & stores recyclable items so they can be brought back to the city to be disposed of
    • Squirrel – Stores the shared food & beverages left in the Community Pavilion at the end of each day and puts them out the next morning.
    • Glowbug – Turns lights on at sunset and off in the morning; places solar lights in the sun to recharge
  • Campfire Crew
    • Crew Coordinator
    • Beaver – Places firewood donated by campers near the campfire circle; collects firewood (if needed and allowed by the campground)
    • Firefly – Starts and tends to the community campfire
    • Fire Ant – Puts out the community campfire at the night’s end
Hand drawn graphic of a hiking boot.