May 2024 – Information for Campers

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Our Disability & Accessibility Resource Team (DART) put in a ton of preparatory work to ensure Campout is as accessible as possible for all campers! From having ASL interpreters for different activities to scent-free campsites, the DART Team Leads worked to consider as much as possible. Below, see more about:

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At each QCO, campers host all sorts of fun games and activities, from kink workshops and play parties to yoga classes, talking circles, and topless watermelon eating.

We’re excited to have an activities schedule ahead of camp this year!

A link to the schedule was sent out to registrants.

There will still be opportunities for impromptu activities at camp. 

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Check-In begins Friday, May 17th at 2:00pm
Folks are welcome to come and go throughout the weekend. Most campers arriving between 9am & 7pm should expect to be met at the campgrounds’ entrance by Queer Campout Greeters. They’ll check your name off the registration list, provide you with basic info re: the campground layout and activities, and confirm your volunteer roles (or direct you to the Community Pavilion where you will sign-up for shifts).

Check-Out must finish by 10:00am on Monday, May 20th

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COVID-19 Precautions

All campers are expected to take a COVID test before coming to camp.

COVID continues to present a very real health risk and cases are on the rise. Help us uphold our QCO Values by practicing COVID safety:

  • Take a COVID test before camp. If you cannot access a test before QCO, let us know so we can find a solution together.
  • Keep a mask on you at all times.
  • Offer to wear a mask when joining a campsite or group.
  • Practice hand hygiene throughout camp.
  • If you feel sick during the campout, please let the on-site medic know so you can take a rapid COVID test and your temperature.
  • Please do everything you can to employ COVID-Conscious Practices* during the weeks leading up to Queer Campout.

REMEMBER: If you test positive, feel sick, or were (even possibly) exposed to COVID in the last two weeks, please stay home!!

Learn more about our COVID-19 Precaution expectations.

*Namely: wear a mask in public, in groups, and when indoors with anyone you don’t live with; don’t go out to eat, attend large events, or attend events with high risk of exposure; wash your hands & use hand sanitizer; and social distance.


Children & young people may be attending. A couple of key details:

  • Adults with young people are responsible for those young people 24/7 throughout camp. Other adults must give enthusiastic, informed consent to supervising young folks.
  • Adults who want to hang out with kids–let guardians and the QCO Family Coordinators know!
  • Adults that do not–that’s fine! Childcare is not an expectation. If someone asks for your support, please know the best answer is an honest one.
  • QCO is a body-, kink-, and sex-positive space, which means that we can all expect to see nudity in spaces across the campground at any given moment. Families should ensure their young people are prepared for and comfortable with this and all campers should feel comfortable wearing (or not) what feels best for them.

Learn more about kids at Queer Campout.

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Location & Directions

Your registration confirmation email contains the campground’s location & we will email this information to registrants a few days before the campout.

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While some campers have generously volunteered to be medics for this campout, we cannot guarantee 24/7 medical attention. A stocked first aid kit will be accessible to anyone in the Community Pavilion.

Information regarding nearby emergency services will be provided to campers via email & at campout.

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Photos & Videos

Private Photos: Campers are encouraged to take photos and videos throughout the weekend and then upload these to a private Google Album shared after campout & accessible only to those who attend.
Please ask for everyone’s consent to be photographed or recorded.

Public Photos: We will have an official camp photographer. If you do not want photos or videos of yourself used on our website or Instagram page, please make yourself a “No Photos” button in the Community Pavilion and wear it at all times.

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Scent Areas & Scent-Free Camping

Some campers are highly allergic or sensitive to chemicals and sprays. To help us make the campout more accessible, please do not use bug sprays, sunscreen sprays, and other highly-scented items near or in communal areas. To support community care, please also use a sticker or lanyard to indicate any scents you’re wearing. The best practice is to either avoid all scents or apply these inside of your tent or vehicle.

There will be a designated Scent-Free camping area where scents are not allowed at all.

Learn more about QCO Scent-Free Camping.

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Supporting Queer Campout

At check-in, campers can sign up for shifts on crews that don’t require commitment before camp such as Camp Upkeep Crew, Campfire Crew, and Answer Keepers. Folks are also encouraged to help out with empty shifts throughout camp if they can.

Another way to support the event is to bring extra water and firewood or take a bag of recycling back with you.

Donate money: Financial donations help us pay for the campground rental, supplies, equipment, website hosting, and other operating expenses. We’ll collect donations at campout. 

As of 2022, we donate $100 per campout to an Indigenous organization in New Mexico. After every campout (and covering operating costs), we give an additional 20%.

Donate gear: We’re building a gear library! Good quality camping gear is expensive, thus inaccessible or not worth the investment for some folks. We happily welcome your donations of new or used camping gear. Please get in touch with us to coordinate.

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In the spirit of co-creation, everyone who attends Q*Campout should plan to volunteer for at least one shift.

At check-in, campers can select volunteer shifts from a variety of crews such as Camp Upkeep Crew, Campfire Crew and Answer Keepers. Folks are also encouraged to help out with empty shifts throughout camp if they can.

Every QCO needs some campers to prepare together before camp starts. The Organizing Team, Care Bears, Disability and Access Resource Team (DART), Camp Setup & Teardown Crew, & the Medic Team were all formed ahead of time, though some may still have room for additional support!

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Weather & Road Conditions

According to the weather forecast, we will have cloudy to clear skies throughout the weekend, and temperatures will range between 78-84° during the day to 45-54° at night. Please come prepared for all sorts of weather—rain, cold, and heat. See what else to bring.

The last 2 miles are a well-maintained dirt road; however, the dirt road can get pretty muddy when it rains, particularly in the area where the paved road turns to a dirt road just past the town of Ponderosa. Though we don’t expect mud to be a major problem, please be prepared to get your vehicle out of the mud (car mats can help).

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What to Bring

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What Not to Bring

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It's camping time!