We ask that every person who comes to the
campout sign up for one short work shift.

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Queer Campout is truly a labor of love…and sweat! This is an event for and by queer community, so participating in Queer Campout also means pitching in. Monetary contributions help us pay for supplies and campground reservations, but we also need support in the form of labor to make this event a success—and to ensure that the folks who help organize it are also able to enjoy the campout’s activities without being in “work mode” all the time. We all make Queer Campout happen together!

The amount of time and effort that each role requires varies greatly. For example, folks in the Organizing Team start planning and preparing months before the campout happens. Folks who are handling registrations will have a lot of work prior to the campout, but get to relax and enjoy the campout weekend for the most part. Other folks won’t have a lot to do before the campout, as the bulk of their work will be during the event (e.g. the camp greeters or the trash collectors).

We operate under an A-R-S responsibility matrix model: 

  • ‌Accountable – Team member who is responsible for the whole task and who is responsible for what has to be done
  • Responsible – Team member(s) who is responsible for carrying out the entrusted task
  • Support – Team member(s) who provides support during the implementation of the activity/process/service

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