Queer Campout New Mexico

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Queer Campout New Mexico
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How do I request accommodations?

We are committed to working with folks to make the space and experience as accessible as possible. Our Disability Access Resource Team (DART) works for the months leading up to Campout to meet the accessibility needs of campers.

Access needs are requested as part of registration. Please include any and all pertinent information for your own needs in your registration and DART will contact you directly to coordinate.

If you have specific thoughts, needs, or concerns before or after registration, you are also always welcome to contact us.

We feel it is important to acknowledge that, both because we are a purely community-created, volunteer-run collaboration and campouts are intentionally held at secluded, minimally-altered campsites, there will be limitations to what accessibility can look like. That being said, we are generally able to collaboratively come to a solution that allows disabled campers and those with access needs to participate in QCO.

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