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What about smoking?

Smoking is subject to US Forest Service regulations and fire restrictions. If smoking is permitted (i.e., if we can have any kind of fire at all — not always guaranteed), we have designated special areas around the campground where people may smoke and use sprays (such as sunscreens and bug repellent). Some campsites will also be restricted from having fires, even if a fire ring is present, to prevent smoke from blowing onto smoke-free campsites.

Some campers are chronically ill or allergic/sensitive to smoke, sprays, and scents. Therefore, we kindly ask that smoking and spray areas be respected.

Communal areas, trails, walkways, restrooms, and group activities are smoke-free and vape-free environments.

Please don’t leave cigarette butts on the ground; not only do they pollute, but they can also cause fires.

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