Queer Campout New Mexico

Queer + Trans + Nature

Queer Campout New Mexico
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So really, what should I expect?

It’ll be a chill weekend in the woods with a bunch of queers! We’ll have opening and closing circles, a group hike, and a community campfire.

If you want to bring an activity, do it! We’ve had folks offering yoga classes, games of many kinds (from capture-the-flag to board games), kite-flying, group conversations about inclusivity and related issues, storytelling at the fire circle, and star-gazing parties. You can plan on doing any of these things, leading something you’d like to see happen, or anything else you think would be fun to share! Expect to see spontaneous workshops and activities arise. You can choose to participate or not in any group activity that is going on.

Expect to meet new people and make new friends! It’s also easy to have an introvert weekend in the woods, with sips of community connection when you desire—there’s plenty of somewhat-more-distant space to camp so that you can get some nourishing alone time in the woods.

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