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Can I bring my kids?

Yes, children and young people are welcome! Kiddos are an important part of the community and including them is in line with QCO’s Values.

Important Notes:

Keep in mind that QCO is a body-, kink-, and sex-positive space, which means that you can expect to see nudity in spaces across the campground at any given moment. Families should ensure their young people are prepared for and comfortable with this.
(Kink and play activities will take place in designated 18+ areas that are secluded and not visible from the larger communal areas.)

Adults are responsible for the supervision of their young people at all times. While this is a community event, community safety is not a replacement for intentional supervision. If someone other than a young person’s guardian is supervising them, that adult must give enthusiastic, informed consent for a specific length of time.

  • Adults who want to hangout with kids–let guardians and the QCO Family Coordinators know!
  • Adults that do not–that’s fine! Childcare is not an expectation. If someone asks for your support, please know the best answer is an honest one.

What to Expect:

We typically have at least a couple of groups with members under 18, so kiddos should have peers to spend time with. When an adult indicates a young person’s attendance, our Family Coordinator will reach out to touch base and make sure everyone has what they need. 

Mutual Aid Childcare: We understand that sometimes adults need some time to themselves and that this can be a resource issue, especially for single parents. We are working on coordinating shifts of supervision so that adults with young people can have some time to themselves while knowing their youth are with trusted, prepared, consenting adults.

Family & Kid Activities: We would like to create more family and multigenerational spaces with activities that young people will enjoy. No family-specific activities are currently planned, but we welcome campers of all ages who are interested in coordinating a youth-friendly activity to let us know!

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