Queer Campout New Mexico

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Queer Campout New Mexico
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How and when do I register?

To register, you’ll fill out an online form. We’ll post the link to the form on our homepage, and we’ll also send it to our mailing list subscribers.

Registration usually starts 6-7 weeks before the campout weekend. In line with our values of inclusivity and accessibility, we have a tiered registration process: QTBIPOC* folks, trans women/femmes, and disabled folks get to register first. A couple of weeks later, registration opens for all queer folks. Registration closes two weeks before the campout or once the maximum amount of campers has been reached.

*Queer and Trans people who are Black, African, Asian, Brown, multi-heritage, Indigenous to the global south, and/or have been racialized as ‘people of color.’

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