Campout updates—we’re less than a week away!

Hey, campers!

We’re under a week away from creating Queer & Trans magic in the woods together!! 


A huge thanks to everyone who registered! Registration is now closed.
This campout is gearing up to the biggest yet with over 170 campers of all ages signed up to join at some point throughout the weekend. 

If you won’t be able to join us, please cancel your registration by completing this form


This is our last planned public update post before the September campout. 

If you’re a camper joining us in Tijeras next week, you should have received an email from us yesterday evening. For the sake of safety, some of the info provided in this email is intended only for registrants, so please:

  1. make sure you got it,
  2. read it through, and
  3. don’t share it with anyone else.

Two final emails will go out to registrants a couple of days before camp: one with final details about what you need to do before leaving for camp and when you arrive, and the second with driving directions to the campground.


If you have any questions for us, please submit them by Tuesday September 5th. On Wednesday night, we’ll log off to pack and prepare ourselves! 

To further prepare for camp, please check out the Information for Campers page and Info Hub/FAQs.

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