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Our first BIPOC Queer Campout will take place May 17th – 20th, 2024!
Register to join us below.

Please see the May 2024 BIPOC Queer Campout Overview for info about this campout.

May 2024 BIPOC* Queer Campout Registration Timeline:

  • April 9: Registration opens for Black & Indigenous queer folks, trans femmes/women of color, and disabled** queer folks of color
  • April 23: General registration opens—all BIPOC queers can register!
  • May 10: Registration closes (will close earlier if we reach capacity before this date)
  • May 17- 20: Campout weekend

*BIPOC stands Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color.
We define BIPOC as people who have been racialized as ‘ethnic minorities’, including but not limited to Native/Indigenous, Black, Brown, Asian, Pacific Islander, Indian, Middle-Eastern, and/or multi-ethnicity/mixed-race folks. Rather than gatekeeping, we are relying on community members to self-assess which spaces are for them.

**Disabled: those excluded from aspects society due to lack of accessibility (read: social model of disability) and/or those with physical, cognitive, psychiatric, sensorial, and undiagnosed conditions necessitating accommodation, including those who do and do not self-identify as disabled; identity-first language intentional

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