Queer Campout is truly a labor of love…and sweat! This is an event for and by queer community, so participating in Queer Campout also means pitching in. Money donations help us pay for supplies and campground reservations, but we also need support in the form of labor to make this event a success—and to ensure that the folks who help organize it are also able to enjoy the campout’s activities without being in “work mode” all the time.

We ask that every person who comes to the
campout sign up for at least one short work shift.

Volunteer roles are divided into three levels of capacity, based on the amount of responsibility and labor required. Learn more about the role capacities.

  • Organizers make the campout event happen. They collaboratively plan and organize an exciting and safe event.
  • Team Leaders are responsible for getting a job done by enabling others to do the work. A Team Leader motivates, guides, and instructs a group of volunteers.
  • Crew Coordinators assist the Team Leader. Crew Coordinators work out the division of effort for each project with their Team Leader and help delegate tasks to Helpers.
  • Helpers perform the team’s functions and tasks as assigned, and generally work in short shifts.

Volunteer roles and responsibilities are grouped by teams:

The Heart & Soul Team is in charge of creating an atmosphere that feels welcoming, inclusive, and fun. They make sure folks feel welcome from the moment they arrive, engaged, and supported throughout the weekend. Learn more about the Heart & Soul Team.

The Logistics Team manages the physical aspects of the campout, such as reserving the campground, keeping track of equipment, collecting trash, managing the community campfire, removing barriers to accessibility and inclusivity, and ensuring the campground is clean at the end of the event. Also handles the safety of campout participants, to the extent possible. Learn more about the Logistics Team.

The Organizing Team makes the campout event happen. They collaboratively plan and organize an exciting and safe campout event. We ask that Organizers commit to a minimum of one service cycle. Learn more about the Organizing Team.

Illustration of a mountain range with text that reads "it's camping time."