Non-Participant Volunteering

See how white folks can support the May 2024 QTBIPOC campout.

Queer Campout is about co-creating a community that builds on our connections and caring. We strive to practice community care in many ways–from asking higher-resource Queers to donate extra money to encouraging campers to ride share. To this end, we invite you to support QCO whether you’re camping with us or not.

If you’re interested in helping out, email us at!

Supporting QCO Before or After a Campout

  • Help Us Plan: While QCO Campouts generally take place twice a year, planning happens year-round and we’re always welcoming new Organizers into the process!
  • Donate Funds: Many of our aspirations for QCO–increased accessibility, a plentiful Gear Library, stipends for organizers, additional Campouts, and more–require financial resources.
  • Donate Gear: We are building a gear lending library to offer necessary materials items like tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, mess kits, etc. to campers who don’t have their own. Here’s what we recommend campers bring to Campouts.
  • Practice Queer Campout Values: The QCO community is centered on putting our words into action through open communication and humility. We aim for Campouts to be spaces where we can practice these skills, learn and grow, and realize a better world together.

Supporting a Campout that Isn’t for You

The May 2024 QTBIPOC Campout is the first of what we hope are many campouts for specific groups within the Queer community.
Specialized Campouts are an essential way we put QCO’s Values into practice. Protecting these spaces is key and we invite those not attending to support the success of these campouts by volunteering in specific ways.

How White Folks Can Support QTBIPOC Campouts

Before Campout:

  • Do pre-camp and post-camp inventory
  • Complete pre-campout admin tasks
  • Provide transportation for campers to and from campout
  • Set-up and clean-up for pre-camp events (Camping 101 class, volunteer potluck, etc.)
  • For those with a lot of experience in specific QCO areas, provide training/mentorship to ensure transfer of knowledge and skills to QTBIPOC folks
  • Provide resources for Camping 101 “class”
  • Donate money and/or materials (firewood, water)
  • Address (via email, Instagram, etc.) questions or pushback/racism, especially from other white folks

The Weekend of Campout:

  • Set up the campsite on Thursday afternoon/evening
  • Help breakdown the campsite on Monday morning
  • Transport equipment up on Thursday and/or back down on Monday
  • Provide pet care for campers so they can attend campout

If you have other ideas about ways white folks can support the success of QTBIPOC campouts, email us at!

Read more about how holding a QTBIPOC specific Campout is aligned with QCO’s Values and Guiding Principles.