Volunteer Team & Crew Descriptions

Please note: All roles and teams that require preparatory work and therefore must be assigned before campout are marked below with an asterisk (*). Learn more about the responsibilities of each role.

Heart & Soul Teams

The Heart & Soul Teams are in charge of creating an atmosphere that feels welcoming, inclusive, and fun. They make sure folks feel welcome from the moment they arrive, engaged, and supported throughout the weekend.

Camp Greeters Team

Camp Greeters welcome and check-in campers and provide a positive first impression of Queer Campout.


  • Team Leaders*
  • Crew Coordinator*
  • Camp Greeters
    • Friday (first day) greeters*
    • All other greeters

Activities & Engagement (A&E) Team

Organizes campout activities and supports campers who want to organize an activity.


  • Team Leaders*
  • Activities Coordinator*
  • Camp Photographer*
    Takes photos and videos during the campout (of folks who have given consent)

Special Areas Crew

Designates and sets up special areas in the campground


  • Crew Coordinator*
  • Special Areas Helpers

Hike Crew


  • Crew Coordinator*
  • Fast Group Hike Leader
    Leads the group of fast hikers
  • Slower Group Hike Leader
    Leads the group of slower hikers
  • Hike Caboose
    Trails at the end to ensure no one is left behind

Care Bears Team*

The Care Bears are a team prepared to help with conflict resolution and support community accountability. The role entails supporting to mediate conflict or other issues that may arise that threaten the well-being of individuals or our collective. Helpful skills for being a Care Bear include listening, conflict resolution, de-escalation, somatics, or other ways to stay present in your body while holding space for others. You don’t have to have all the answers or be formally trained. Our lived experiences often give us the skills to hold this role.


  • Team Leaders*
  • Care Bears*

Answer Keepers Team

Serve as a communication hub for campers, directing them to community resources when questions arise.


  • Team Leaders*
  • Answer Keepers
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Logistics Teams

The Logistics Teams manage the physical aspects of the campout, such as safety, equipment & supplies, trash collection, the community campfire, accessibility, and ensuring the campground is clean at the end of the event.

Campground Liaison*

The individual in this role communicates and engages with the Campground Host and Park Rangers, when necessary.

Disability & Access Resource Team (DART)*

Facilitates strategies and resources, so campers with disabilities or other access needs have the support they need to participate in and enjoy campout activities.


  • Team Leaders*
  • Crew Coordinator*
  • Helpers*
  • DART Busy Bees
    • Friday (first day) DART Busy Bees*
    • All other DART Busy Bees

Health & Safety Team

This team ensures high standards of health and safety for all campers.


  • Team Leaders (Safety Coordinators)*

Medical Crew*

Provide basic first aid measures


  • Crew Coordinator*
  • Onsite Medics*

Hike Safety Crew

Maintains situational awareness during the group hike, helps keep the group together and on trail and provides first aid support.


  • Crew Coordinator*
  • Helpers

Onsite Resources Team

Organizes, allocates, and manages resources like equipment and supplies, and takes care of the campground, ensuring it is kept clean and safe for all campers. 


  • Team Leaders*

Equipment & Supplies Crew


  • Crew Coordinator*
  • Lost and Found Unicorn
    Collects lost & forgotten items and places them in the Lost & Found box; coordinates the return of items to their respective owners post-campout
  • Pack Mules*
    • Friday Pack Mule(s)*
      Transports equipment from storage in Albuquerque to the campground
    • Monday Pack Mule(s)*
      Transports equipment from the campground to storage in Albuquerque
  • Pack Rats
    Help pack up & load equipment & supplies (at camp closure on Monday morning)

Camp Setup & Teardown Crew*


  • Crew Coordinator*
  • Busy Bees*
    • Friday Busy Bee(s)
      Arrives in the morning to get the campground ready for the weekend
    • Monday Busy Bee(s)
      Takes everything down at the end of the campout on Monday morning
  • Sweeper*
    Performs a final clean sweep of the campground, picking up any trash or items left behind (at camp closure on Monday morning)

Camp Upkeep Crew


  • Crew Coordinator*
  • Trash Panda
    Ensures that all garbage is appropriately disposed of or stored away at the end of each day; packages & stores recyclable items so they can be brought back to the city to be disposed of
  • Squirrel
    Stores the shared food and beverages left in the Community Pavilion at the end of each day and brings them out the next morning
  • Glowbug
    Turns lights on at sunset and off in the morning; places solar lights in the sun to recharge

Campfire Crew


  • Crew Coordinator*
  • Beaver
    Places firewood donated by campers near the campfire circle; collects firewood (if needed and allowed by the campground)
  • Firefly
    Starts and tends to the community campfire
  • Fire Ant
    Puts out the community campfire at the night’s end
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Organizing Team

The Organizing Team makes each campout event happen. They collaboratively plan and organize an exciting and safe campout event. We ask that Organizers commit to a minimum of one service cycle. 

Primary Roles

Head Organizers

Logistically plan and coordinate all the moving parts of QCO (reserves campgrounds, schedules meetings, etc.).

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for coordinating volunteer schedules and supervising onsite volunteers.

  • Serves as the liaison between the Organizing Team and the volunteers
  • Helps Team Leaders ensure volunteer shifts run smoothly and effectively
  • Helps develop and update Volunteer Handbooks (procedures and policies) with feedback provided by the volunteers
  • Maintains the database of volunteers
  • Manages communication with volunteers

Responsibilities Shared by Organizers

Outreach & Communications

Develops and implements communication strategies. Manages QCO communication channels like the email account and IG messages.

Registration Management

Oversees all aspects related to the registration process.

Resource Management

Stores and maintains the equipment and supplies.

Knowledge Management

Maintains the knowledge base and ensures that proper distribution processes are in place so that campers and volunteers have the tools they need to engage and participate.

Geek Squad

Manages all aspects related to information technology.

In an Ideal World:

Teams & Crews Support Lead

The Teams & Crews Support Lead is responsible for supporting Team Leaders by matching volunteers’ expectations, skills, and capacity to available positions and leadership roles.

  • Supports Team Leaders in providing direction and supervision to their crews
  • Helps Team Leaders plan for volunteer replacement
  • Help Team Leaders with problem-solving and conflict management

Grant Writing and Fundraising

Researches grant opportunities, writes compelling grant proposals to acquire funding, and works with the Head Organizers to ensure we have enough capital each year.


Handles the accounting and other matters related to the organization’s financial activities.

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