Tier 1 Registration is Open for the May 2024 BIPOC Queer Campout!

If you identify as a black or indigenous queer, a trans fem/woman of color, or disabled queer person of color, you can begin registration from today.

Things to note:

  • Please ensure that everyone in your group who is 18 years of age or older registers individually.
  • Please make sure you specify if you require any accommodations and fill out the registration form as accurately as you are able.

Early registration is an opportunity for people who are historically underrepresented in the community to join and participate in camp activities before all spaces fill up. Don’t let this opportunity eclipse you by!

– The BIPOC Queer Campout team


May 2024 BIPOC Queer Campout Overview


The May 2024 Campout will be our first BIPOC Campout and will take place Friday, May 17th through Monday, May 20th in Jemez.

The background is a feded cartoon image that includes a bear and a cat standing in a forest next to a camping tent, and the tent is decorated with rainbow flags. Text at the top reads, First-ever QTBIPOC Campout: Queer & Trans Black, Indigenous, & People of Color. Text underneath reads, May 17-24, Jemez Mountains, NM."

Click here to read about why we’re creating this protected space for BIPOC queer campers.

Click here to learn more about how the BIPOC queer campout aligns with QCO values.

This Campout is open to anyone who is both Queer and BIPOC.
See how white folks can support the success of this Campout.

Please also see the info below and review the QCO Values & Community Participation Guidelines so you’re prepared to co-create our time together.

We’re continuing our tiered registration process. Emails are sent out at the start of each registration section and the link is below.

May 2024 BIPOC* Queer Campout Registration Timeline:

  • April 9: Registration opens for Black & Indigenous queer folks, trans fems/women of color, and disabled** queer folks of color
  • April 23: General registration opens—all BIPOC queers can register!
  • May 10: Registration closes (will close earlier if we reach capacity before this date)
  • May 17- 20: Campout weekend

*We define BIPOC as people who have been racialized as ‘ethnic minorities’, including but not limited to Native/Indigenous, Black, Brown, Asian, Pacific Islander, Indian, Middle-Eastern, and/or multi-ethnicity/mixed-race folks. Rather than gatekeeping, we are relying on community members to self-assess which spaces are for them.

**Disabled: those excluded from aspects society due to lack of accessibility (read: social model of disability) and/or those with physical, cognitive, psychiatric, sensorial, and undiagnosed conditions necessitating accommodation, including those who do and do not self-identify as disabled; identity-first language intentional


Kiddos are an important part of the community and including them is in line with QCO’s Values. Ideally, someone coordinates all things family-related for QCO (activities, youth supervision, and meeting family’s needs). If this is a role you’re interested in taking on, please email us at hello@qcampout.com or let us know in your registration.

QCO is a body-positive space, which means that attendees can expect some nudity.  Families should ensure their young people are prepared for and comfortable with this. (Kink and play activities will take place in designated 18+ areas.) 

Furry Friends

Trained service animals who will be working while at camp are welcome, but please leave ESAs and pets at home.

We’ve heard from campers that finding reliable and affordable pet care is a big barrier to joining camps located far from home. We hope to connect campers who need pet care with people who are able to offer it to meet this need where possible. If you can provide this support, please email us at hello@qcampout.com. If you would lik to receive this support, let us know in your registration.


In the spirit of co-creation, everyone who attends Campout should plan to volunteer for at least one shift. Campers can sign up for role(s) before camp or at camp:

  • Before camp → We’re recruiting for roles that require varying levels of commitment. From Helpers to Team Leaders, we are looking for campers to join the following teams and prepare together before camp starts: Camp Greeters, Care Bears, Disability and Access Resource Team (DART), Camp Setup & Teardown Crew, & the Medic Team.

If you’re interested in taking on one or more of these roles, please contact us or let us know when you register. Our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you directly.

  • At camp → At check-in, campers can sign up for shifts on crews that don’t require commitment before camp such as Camp Upkeep Crew, Campfire Crew and Answer Keepers. Folks are also encouraged to help out with empty shifts throughout camp if they can.

We make QCO happen together! Learn more about Volunteer roles and what they entail.


Campers have hosted all sorts of fun games and activities at QCO, from kink workshops and play parties to dance parties, talking circles, and topless watermelon eating. If you are interested in hosting an activity, please let us know on the registration form and the Activities & Engagement team will reach out directly to help coordinate.


COVID-19 continues to present a very real and serious risk to many people, including members of our community. Queer Campout is an anti-oppressive space committed to inclusivity and accessibility, which means practicing community care through continuing to take COVID-19 precautions although they were lifted across the country and much of the world. Please plan to take a COVID test before traveling up to Jemez and make sure to have a mask with you at all times.

Read more about QCO’s COVID-19 Precautions.


QCO was–and is continually–created to offer an opportunity for those with less access to nature/camping to enjoy the outdoors in safe, inclusive community. This means prioritizing accessibility for disabled** campers. In addition to using campsites with ADA-compliant features, the QCO Disability and Accessibility Resource Team (DART) is prepared to collaboratively develop accommodations for those with a range of disabilities and accessibility needs.

Learn more about QCO accessibility. If you have questions, please email us at hello@qcampout.com. If you have access needs, let us know in your registration and DART will be in contact with you.

**Disabled: those excluded from aspects society due to lack of accessibility (read: social model of disability) and/or those with physical, cognitive, psychiatric, sensorial, and undiagnosed conditions necessitating accommodation, including those who do and do not self-identify as disabled; identity-first language intentional

RVs & Campers

Space for RVs and campers is limited at the campgrounds. We ask that only those who need to use RVs and campers do so and that all others plan to car camp or use a tent. The QCO Disability and Accessibility Resource Team (DART) will reach out to those who note in their registration that they hope to use an RV/camper to make appropriate arrangements.


This year, we will collect donations at camp. We ask that all campers who are able to make a contribution to help cover the costs of the campground rental and supplies needed for the weekend and suggest a sliding scale of $10-25 per camper. 

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the weekend regardless of their ability to contribute financially.

We’re so excited to be in the woods with you so soon!

P.S. If you have IG, follow us! And, if you have any questions or feedback, please email the Organizing Team at hello@qcampout.org ♥️

Sept QCO: General Registration & 8/27 Planning Potluck!

Queer Campout is in Tijeras from September 8–11! Check out the September Campout Overview for more details.

General registration is open until 8/28 (or capacity is reached)

Registration is open for all campers. Click here to register.

Save the date for the volunteer planning party ✨

We’re having a planning potluck in Albuquerque on Sunday, August 27th at 11am. This will be an opportunity to get to know your team and role, as well as collaborate with other teams. Location and other details will go out about a week prior to those signed up as volunteers.

  • If you already signed up for a volunteer role, stay tuned for more details about the planning party via email.
  • If you indicate on the registration form that you’d like to sign up for a role before camp, the Volunteer Coordinator will email you directly.
  • If you registered already and want to sign up for a role before camp, there is still time! Email hello@qcampout.org and let us know.
  • If you cannot commit to a role before camp, you will sign up for shifts at camp check-in.
Whether you’re a new camper or a seasoned camper, there’s a team for you:

Do you love logistics?

September campout needs two Team Leaders and multiple coordinators for the Onsite Resources team.

Do you have medical or first aid training and wanna help keep us all healthy?

September campout needs two Health and Safety Team Leaders + more medics. 

If leading a team isn’t a fit for you…

DART, Care Bears and Onsite Resources need Helpers! Helper roles have the support of Team Leaders and Coordinators. 

We can’t wait to camp together in just 25 days!
Registration is open for all campers. We are at 34% capacity.

After Registering:

  • Log into your QCO account (or register to make one!) to access the forum and other information
  • If you can join a volunteer team before camp, please monitor your email inbox for an email from the Volunteer Coordinator.